Saturday, 28 March 2015

Day 38

Traditional Scottish Shortbread

A few weeks ago I was flipping through the cookbooks in my local Oxfam shop when I came across this.

It was only 49p so it joined my ever-growing shelf of cookbooks. This is the first recipe I made from it.


50g caster sugar

125g unsalted butter (softened)

150g plain flour

25g fine semolina

Caster sugar for dusting


1. Cream together the butter and sugar until pale, light and fluffy.

2. Stir in the flour and semolina using a fork. 

3. Press the mixture into an 18cm sandwich tin. Smooth the surface and then prick the surface with a fork. Sprinkle with caster sugar.

4. Bake at 160C for about an hour. It should be pale but just starting to colour. 

5. Cool in the tin and then cut into 8 wedges. Turn out onto a wire rack to cool.

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